I Belong (to the Beloved) -demo version

by D&R Records

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released September 19, 2015



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Track Name: I Belong (to the Beloved)
I am not from the east, nor the west
Not out the ocean or up from the ground
Nor natural, ethereal, not composed of elements at all
I do not exist, am not an entity in this world or the next
I did not descend from Adam or from Even
Nor from any origin story
My place is the placeless, trace of the traceless
Neither body nor soul....

I Belong to The Beloved
I Belong to Love

And that one call to end all, first last outer inner only that breath
Only that breath breathing
Human being, Only that Human Being, I am that

I Belong to The Beloved
I Belong to Love

We need become a pen in the sun's hand
We need the earth to sing through our opened eyes again
The body will become restless until your soul paints all its beauty
Upon the sky
You are So Alive
We are So Alive
I am so Alive